Sunday, February 17, 2008

to castle

earth’s breath rises
...exhales the night in whispered
...wisps across the valley
knife-edged mountains slice
...through bluebell skies
white crystals dance
...sweep the tips wind-whipped chorus
wild whirling euphoria
...swoops and swirls
...feathers fresh frost

across my path

chains of trains
...lifeblood linking
...voices of our nation
coast to coast
...bedraggled boxcars
...plod slowly
scarred by rust and rain
...graffiti art oil grain
racket along
...parallel trails
...through unyeilding mountains

Friday, February 15, 2008

we are one

you are the beginning of breath
and the ending of sighs

in the least conscious part
your life births mine

you my soil of origin
the rib from which I spring

i make the ascent to zenith
enfolded in your gaze

our joined hearts
my foundation, security, anchor

you lighten my work
arrest my senses

explore my territory
expand my boundaries

you are my balance,
my fulfilment, my rest.