Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rule of Thirds

Early morning rises smoky
pink on gray granite
then fades to spotless blue over
brown and yellow shreds of late autumn

I focus my time lapse stare
on bare ranges, every peak
an undressed mannequin
waiting winter’s white dress

A honking flock sweeps past
the lone foreground spruce
in slow motion cinematic triumph
eludes capture

Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee Rations

He looks me in the eye,
expresses gentle thanks
accepts the gift card I say
in the name of Jesus
pressing his arm so he knows
Touch and Who answered
the prayer from those blue 
eyes set on a leathery field
framed with scrub brush

The flag of his face follows
me to the car, drapes itself
over the passenger seat
and my mind
wanders along streets of militant
people who drove
his retreat to that
corner on this day
in the shy way
rain does not wish to fall 
on the just 


Orange sun rises 
to do battle with clouds 
and the shy rain hesitates 
to take sides.