Monday, November 12, 2012

Cultural Art Show

I wander about the hall, the sale
mercifully small with just five Takumi
Any more would be less I realize
this morning after remembrance

I navigate the narrow channel of buyers 
anchor on Bill Toyota's water colours
Acrylics line the wall behind
folded fabric geisha, kanji on parchment 

practical rice bowls, whimsical fused glass, 
jewelry, fired clay fish, glazed eyes
Each piece signed with artist's seal
excess stock spilling off collapsible tables

like words from the sculptor's mouth
too long alone in the studio 
to realize flooding those who migrate past
makes choice impossible 

So I leave with my only trophy 
a small blue green watercolour
where pastel and shadow merge 
humpback breeching east coast waters

I breech the cool outdoors 
into late afternoon shadow
with the best from my friend's father
to honour them both

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hidden in the Darkness

I rage against your wisdom
pound my fists upon your door
run as far from you as Hades,
drop weeping on death's floor

You chase me like a lover
down the beach of my despair
waiting patiently in shadows
while I scream that you're not here

I berate you for my anguish
cry and rage against your will
but the arms I always wanted
I have found around me still

You hold me in my wildness
and you rock me in the storm
give me in your kindness
Pain that unlocks wisdom's store

This mystery that traps me
in the tentacles of time
breathes out your ageless whisper,
"I am yours and you are mine"

I finally rest in secret
in the shadow of your wing
lay my head upon your heartbeat
and my heart is loosed to sing