Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Poem Before Morning

Wake sweltering at 3:33 
drink a glass of cold water
to purify my body of the wine
I had last night 
listen to a soft voiced man read 
his poetry for a university crowd 
and find it ordering my life
explaining God and my affairs
close my eyes
as he shares a poem about 
talking his wife to sleep
and I am introduced 
to satisfying intimacy of a mind 
mapping a path I knew was there
but could never find
the clock reads 4:44
God is a god of order
all is right in my world
and I dare to drift into daydreams
dive from this obligatory shore
into the solitary sea of purpose
the rest of my days
becoming poetry
to make sense of a senseless life
make life of a senseless death 
explore an unknown language:
how to talk my love 
into satisfying sleep

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