Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Rempel Psalm

For my husband, Henry, a man after God's own heart

The Lord is your foreman, you don't lack anything.

He orders you to take a load off in lush green meadows, he gives you the best camping spot beside the clean watering holes, he restores your soul like a classic Mustang, he leads you in right-living paths because your life reflects well on his name and reputation.

Even though that path goes straight through dangerous, shadowy Death Valley, you don't fear the black hats because He is riding shotgun. His Winchester and lasso comfort you.

He prepares a campfire feast for you in the face of your enemies, he massages your body/mind/spirit with healing oil, your wine casks of blessing are always full and you pour it out freely to others.

Goodness and Mercy are your personal, lifelong friends and sidekicks. Your final bunk is in the Lord's ranch house - you'll hang up your spurs and roam his territory forever. It's a done deal.


Photo credit: 1397515, Standard License

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