Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dodge and Drive

Yesterday behind the wheel:

I watch a man carry
the whole world in his hands
downtown on the street corner
dressed in business attire
he looks quite capable
of handling it but - not to worry -
it is just an inflatable globe.

A teen with a whole world
full of death wishes in his backpack
darts across six lanes of traffic
too busy, important or foolish
to walk the fifty metres
to the intersection
for safe passage

And another rolls across
through the intersection crosswalk
against the light on a longboard
rebels against
traffic control devices
that dare to say stop. Powerless
in face of immortal youth

This morning from the chaise:

Magpie, squirrel, finch and blackbird
flit, flight and fight around their feeder
like a flock of teen boys whose
whole world disappears
when food is involved
the daring and death defying

deeds of the day gone to seed

Photo credit: #32420353, Standard License

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