Thursday, March 10, 2016

And A Little Child Will Lead Them

I see her in a plain red dress
not quite like little orphan Annie
because her hair is straight brown
but she takes the man’s hand

who seems to be her dad
sitting at a round table in a brown suit
from Father Knows Best
but the feeling is like home

He’s reading the newspaper
like they do in the fifties
but as soon as she grabs hold
he turns, stands and follows

where she wants him to come see
and I think that’s how it goes
when I wanna show God something
and he ooohs and ahhhs

over the tiny flower I found
or pets that puppy next door 
or we laugh together
while he fixes whatever’s

broken just like that 
he comes when I reach
or sometimes when I don’t
and I remember I’m not an orphan

Photo credit: #91173348, Standard License

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