Monday, July 4, 2016

Oh, Yes. I do.

I want to live in a world
where little things
are noticed
small victories celebrated
like what we enjoyed for supper
because I dared make something new

Where we sit on the deck
watch the clouds change
ever so slowly
jets on approach from a different trajectory
quiet sunsets

And we guess which bird
is making that call
and we don't debate
whether that's a purple
or house finch
at the feeder

I want to live in a world where
we retire graceful and grateful
to push-mower and hammock
mustang restoration and
room redecorating
as the young stressed thin
take our place at the job

Where there's always a stage
another act another song
belly laughs and road trips
Where we do things alone
because we can't miss
each other if we're never apart

Where you wink at me
in a crowd or from the 'cycle
reach for my hand
in church or over coffee
after chocolate or wine
where you hand me
a cuppa tea at day's end

I want to live in a world
with quiet sunsets
bluegrass and bonfires
your jigsaw puzzle, my poetry
lullabies and prayers
at home in your arms

Picture: Jill Hopkins

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