Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Hour Flight

We’re often together
you and I busy going
you with friends or the ipod
and I alone
the chauffeur

Now stalled on the tarmac you offer
one earbud to share
a ski movie with
your head on my shoulder
neck in a position
it will regret tomorrow

and I regret nothing
how could I have known
when we hit the ground running
that lightning delayed so many flights
struck so many schedules,
shredded plans for our long weekend

Movie over   you dream   breathe soft
warm head on my shoulder
held firm in place by my cheek
ear against the pulse
of lifeblood echoed
in your own

after a six hour wait covered
in the soot of closed spaces, closer faces
one look in your feisty eyes
fragile at fifteen
I would not trade this
for the flight of the Concorde

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