Friday, July 25, 2008

Late Day

While flying through Denver, area storms delayed our flight. During the long taxi to takeoff I watched an astounding sunset. I didn't have my camera, however, I had my notebook and this was the result that spilled out as we took off.

Late Day

Clouds applaud collision
of day and night, stretch arms east
to rain droplets flung

from furious fingers
over plain wheat
squares and emerald rings

neatly lined. The hand quilt spreads
beyond pink-feathered horizon, drinks
the Merlot thread of dusk

Ragged-top mountains
rip away sky, rise
under a chorus of light

silhouette strength
pass the peace
to my tumbled heart

full of praise and misty-eyed blessing
after running the rocky valley
playing tag with my Creator

I laugh and gasp
piercing air fills my lung-ache,
sets my tongue on thanks.

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