Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out of Province Inspection

Here's a silly little bit I wrote while waiting for the last piece of the government puzzle to be completed before I can register our new vehicle in Alberta:

I thought performance sports
cars were icons raised
by big boys who like fast toys.
Until I bought one.

I clutch the keys tight
stomach churns as I approach
ask informed questions of the man
in overalls with wise eyes.

Smiling, he overlooks The Car
and my nerves, assures me with a list of other
high end cars he knows and in the end
I hand the keys, pay the fee.

Shiny red performance
road hugger, limit tester now
reigns in Bay 1, crowned by
the ahs of all

The air compressor whines,
turns lugnuts on polished steel
Exhaust chokes like bad wine
from the next bay

Curse the government, anyone
can see this coiled cat purring
with me in its lap
is no threat to public safety.

Do I wait? Do I go? Do I stay,
watch the undressing
of the new ride that rumbles
in my head while I sleep?

I grab a coffee and a Tums.
Write this poem while I wait.
The phone says the asphalt queen is ready
Stamp the form already.

Let me drive.

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