Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bully Bag-o-Bones

You stood at the head of the beach
counting down from ten
to get us to come.

Dad was busy
so you got the job
keeping us in line

His confidant, best friend,
you did as he bid
honoured, served


Always the faithful son.
The first brother.
The responsible one.

Mature. Leader.

You stood at the back of the pack,
hum the right pitch
to start us singing
picked the right hymn
to keep us singing
knew the right words
to keep the program flowing
researched the right roads
to keep us driving
contacted the churches
that kept us traveling

Put off your life
to corral ours, support Dad’s

and there you are still:
pastor of his church.
praying for his people.

Your Father’s son.

My hero.

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