Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Mystery of Yes

I have seen too much death.
Most of it much too soon.

two nephews, two nieces,
parents, sister-in-law,
brother, husband.

But this is why I celebrate Easter.
The mystery of resurrection.
The wonder that God became man
to pay the price for me
to defeat the death that comes by sin

Came alive again, Hallelujah!
to restore the original design
of open and complete connection
with the One Who Is Life.

Love came to me in such a tangible way
after Brent's death
A presence of light so real,
a comfort so inexpressibly deep,
all my doubt about God's love

Jesus was mocked.
Some of you still do.
I invite you to hear my story,
hear His heart.

Only Jesus has the words of eternal life.
and he has his arms open to you.
right now.
say yes.
just yes.

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